Knitted Wild Animal Friends by Louise Crowther - James The Bear Yarn Kit

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Product description

This kit contains all the yarn you need to make James The Bear from Louise Crowther's Knitted Wild Animal Friends book.

Please note, this does NOT include the pattern or anything except the yarn. We only stock 50g balls of Catona.

This bundle includes a 5% discount on the yarn.

Yarn in this kit:

Scheepjes Stonewashed Boulder Opal 804 - 2x50g

Scheepjes Stonewashed Moon Stone 801 - 1x50g

Scheepjes Catona Bridal White 105 - 1x50g

Scheepjes Catona Baby Blue 509 - 1x50g

Scheepjes Catona Saffron 249 - 1x50g

Scheepjes Catona Charcoal 393 - 1x50g

Scheepjes Catona Linen 505 - 1x50g

Scheepjes Catona Topaz 179 - 1x50g

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